A Little About Me—

My journey as a Travel & Street Photographer

I love vivid colors, the excitement of discovering new horizons, the story behind each shot and the connection I make with people when I click the camera. 

Currently based in New York, my story with the Big Apple started 3 years ago when I landed in this intriguing jungle. At first streets appeared gray and dull, but little by little, the colors, the action and the magic started revealing themselves.

For a street photographer like me, I wait, camera in hand, ready to capture that fleeting moment to be engraved in eternity of that person feverishly hailing a yellow cab, the street seller working hard to earn the day's keep, that fashionista making her statement and many more...

I'm loving the discovery and the journey and sharing glimpses of that journey with the rest of the world. I hope you enjoyed my photography as much as I had the pleasure of taking them. 

New stories, new places, that's my story!

  • 2015: group exhibition with Soho Photo Gallery, New York
  • March 2016: Group exhibition with Conception Events at New York City Photography Show
  •  April 2016: "Dun GibI" Travel through time in Istanbul, Talk and one day exhibition with Islamic Heritage Society
  • May 2016: Article and interview showcasing some of my photos in Dalia Air magazine, No. 23 Printemps/Spring 2016
  • 2017: Guest blogger in Rick Sammon's blog: Get it right in camera (http://ricksammon.com/blog2/2017/2/4/todays-guest-blogger-farzana-quaraishi-suggests-getting-it-right-in-camera) 

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